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Validate filters

Listing of filters for validation
ID Name Options Flags Description

Returns TRUE for "1", "true", "on" and "yes". Returns FALSE otherwise.

If FILTER_NULL_ON_FAILURE is set, FALSE is returned only for "0", "false", "off", "no", and "", and NULL is returned for all non-boolean values.

FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL "validate_email" default   Validates value as e-mail.
FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT "float" default, decimal FILTER_FLAG_ALLOW_THOUSAND Validates value as float.
FILTER_VALIDATE_INT "int" default, min_range, max_range FILTER_FLAG_ALLOW_OCTAL, FILTER_FLAG_ALLOW_HEX Validates value as integer, optionally from the specified range.
FILTER_VALIDATE_IP "validate_ip" default FILTER_FLAG_IPV4, FILTER_FLAG_IPV6, FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE, FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE Validates value as IP address, optionally only IPv4 or IPv6 or not from private or reserved ranges.
FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEXP "validate_regexp" default, regexp   Validates value against regexp, a Perl-compatible regular expression.
FILTER_VALIDATE_URL "validate_url" default FILTER_FLAG_PATH_REQUIRED, FILTER_FLAG_QUERY_REQUIRED Validates value as URL (according to » http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2396), optionally with required components. Beware a valid URL may not specify the HTTP protocol http:// so further validation may be required to determine the URL uses an expected protocol, e.g. ssh:// or mailto:. Note that the function will only find ASCII URLs to be valid; internationalized domain names (containing non-ASCII characters) will fail.


As of PHP 5.4.11, the numbers +0 and -0 validate as both integers as well as floats (using FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT and FILTER_VALIDATE_INT). Before PHP 5.4.11 they only validated as floats (using FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT).

When default is set to option, default's value is used if value is not validated.

Types of filters
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