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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5 <= 5.0.5, PECL mnogosearch >= 1.0.0)

udm_get_res_fieldFetch a result field


string udm_get_res_field ( resource $res , int $row , int $field )

Fetch a mnoGoSearch result field.



res - a link to result identifier, received after call to udm_find().


row - the number of the link on the current page. May have values from 0 to UDM_PARAM_NUM_ROWS-1.


field - field identifier, may have the following values:

  • UDM_FIELD_URL - document URL field
  • UDM_FIELD_CONTENT - document Content-type field (for example, text/html).
  • UDM_FIELD_CATEGORY - document category field. Use udm_cat_path() to get full path to current category from the categories tree root. (This parameter is available only in PHP 4.0.6 or later).
  • UDM_FIELD_TITLE - document title field.
  • UDM_FIELD_KEYWORDS - document keywords field (from META KEYWORDS tag).
  • UDM_FIELD_DESC - document description field (from META DESCRIPTION tag).
  • UDM_FIELD_TEXT - document body text (the first couple of lines to give an idea of what the document is about).
  • UDM_FIELD_SIZE - document size.
  • UDM_FIELD_URLID - unique URL ID of the link.
  • UDM_FIELD_RATING - page rating (as calculated by mnoGoSearch).
  • UDM_FIELD_MODIFIED - last-modified field in unixtime format.
  • UDM_FIELD_ORDER - the number of the current document in set of found documents.
  • UDM_FIELD_CRC - document CRC.

Return Values

udm_get_res_field() returns result field value on success, FALSE on error.

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