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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

ldap_get_entriesGet all result entries


array ldap_get_entries ( resource $link_identifier , resource $result_identifier )

Reads multiple entries from the given result, and then reading the attributes and multiple values.



An LDAP link identifier, returned by ldap_connect().


Return Values

Returns a complete result information in a multi-dimensional array on success and FALSE on error.

The structure of the array is as follows. The attribute index is converted to lowercase. (Attributes are case-insensitive for directory servers, but not when used as array indices.)

return_value["count"] = number of entries in the result
return_value[0] : refers to the details of first entry

return_value[i]["dn"] =  DN of the ith entry in the result

return_value[i]["count"] = number of attributes in ith entry
return_value[i][j] = NAME of the jth attribute in the ith entry in the result

return_value[i]["attribute"]["count"] = number of values for
                                        attribute in ith entry
return_value[i]["attribute"][j] = jth value of attribute in ith entry

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